Past Events

Consumer Protection Act Seminar

Nortons Inc. together with the South African Chamber of Commerce and Industry, and Genesis-Analytics, recently hosted a seminar on the Consumer Protection Act. Key note speakers included the Chairperson of the National Consumer Tribunal, Ms Diane Terblanche, and Ms Yasmin Carrim, a member of both the National Consumer Tribunal and the Competition Tribunal.

Given the specific impact the Consumer Protection Act will have on business in South Africa, the seminar focussed on the following:

  • specific interplay between the Consumer Protection Act and the Competition Act;
  • an overview of the impact of key elements of the Consumer Protection Act on business in South Africa;
  • enforcement mechanisms within the Consumer Protection Act with consideration given to the significant administrative penalties which may be imposed; and
  • an overview of the key assessment criteria within the Consumer Protection Act, from an economic point of view.


Consumer Protection Act Seminar 

Anthony Norton spoke at the Envision International seminar on the Consumer Protection Act on 22 and 23 July 2010 at the Southern Sun, Grayston, Johannesburg. Anthony will be speaking on ensuring compliance, and implications of the Act.

The seminar will focus on South African businesses familiarising themselves with the provisions of the Consumer Protection Act and effecting the necessary amendments to their contracts ahead of the Act becoming fully effective during October this year. The seminar will provide valuable insight into these significant changes. Every business that deals with the general public will be affected by the Act and decision makers need to be aware of the various laws that have been passed to protect consumers. To find out more information about this seminar, please contact Carina Basson.