Consumer Protection eBrief – 13/02/2013

13 February 2013|In Consumer Protection Act Briefs

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  • Coca Cola in trouble over “Vitamin Water

Coca Cola in trouble over “Vitamin Water

In 2009, a class action was brought in Australia claiming that Coca Cola had misled consumers by falsely stating the health benefits of its “Vitamin Water” product.

It was alleged that Vitamin Water contains a “combination of zinc and fortifying vitamins [to]… keep you healthy as a horse” whilst the product contained significant amounts of sugar. Coca Cola argued that no reasonable consumer would have expected “Vitamin Water” to keep them healthy. Coca Cola argues that it is a free market and consumers have a right to decide whether to consume its product’s or not.

Coca Cola’s woes worsened on Wednesday, 6 February, when the Center for Science in the Public Interest filed a class action law suit in North California in a similar vein to the Australian matter.

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