Consumer Protection April 2014 eBrief

17 April 2014|In Consumer Protection Act Briefs eBriefs

In this edition:

  • Toyota has launched massive recall of vehicles

Toyota has launches massive recall of vehicles

Toyota Motor Corporation is (“Toyota”) set to recall approximately 6.4 million vehicles around the world. The recall covers 27 different models for a number of defects, some related to steering wheels and airbags. In some instances, air bags becoming deactivated and not deployed in the event of an accident because a cable assembly could potentially be damaged when the steering wheel was turned.

South African context

Toyota South Africa will only be participating in two of the five global vehicle recall programmes, which affect the previous generation Yaris model and the pre-facelift Hilux, Fortuner and Innova models.

The Yaris recall is to inspect and possibly replace the seat rail spring that secured the seat in place. While the Hilux, Fortuner and Innova recall is in relation to the inspection and replacement of the spiral cable that was attached to the steering wheel column, given that in certain instances the spiral cable could wear and cause the airbag light to illuminate and the airbag to possibly malfunction.

Toyota South Africa has advised that owners who are concerned that their vehicle may be involved in the campaign can contact their nearest dealer.