Tendai Konongovere


Forensic Auditor

Email: tendai@nortonsinc.com
Tel: +27 11 666 7580

Tendai has an extensive background and experience in Forensic Auditing and Accounting, Financial Banking operations as well as Risk Management. Her experience extends across sectors such as Banking, Mining, Forestry, Construction, Retail and Distribution.

Tendai’s specialities include:

Forensic Auditing:

  • Fraud and White Collar Crimes – which involves determining the extent of a crime, tracing of funds, asset identification, and recovery, most commonly performed in relation to employee fraud cases;
  • Corruption – which involves determining equitable tender processes, individual tracing and profiling, providing recommendations and implementation of such recommendations;
  • Professional Negligence – advising in relation to technical aspects, which involves investigating breach in agreements, and assisting with loss quantification;
  • Business Interruption – reviewing details of insurance policies, for example, to investigate coverage issues and the appropriate method of calculating the loss of, for example, business interruptions, property losses, and employee dishonesty (fidelity) claims;
  • Shareholders’ and Partnership Disputes – analysis of accounting records in order to resolve, for example, compensation and benefits disputes of shareholders or partners;
  • Investigation, analysis, interpretation, summary and presentation of complex financial and business information so that it can be easily understood and properly supported;
  • Acting as an expert witness in trials and advising on expert evidence of opposing expert witnesses; and
  • Tax Audits – regularisation of offshore funds, investments and Controlled Foreign Companies.
  • Consulting:
  • Auditing, assessment and improvement of business processes, policies and guidelines including internal controls, financial risk, and enterprise risk management.