Nortons Inc. appoints Shane Lane as its Head of Forensic Auditing

16 January 2015|In News and Media Nortons Inc News

Nortons Inc. is pleased to announce that we have appointed Shane Lane as Head of Forensic Auditing and investigations, with effect from 1 January 2015. Shane was previously the Head of Forensic Auditing at Alchemy Consulting (Pty) Ltd from 2006 to 2014. Shane obtained his B.Com degree at the University of Natal, and his qualifications include post-graduate qualifications from the Institute of Accounting Technology, Chartered Institute of Management and Management Development Centre.

Almost all businesses in South Africa today are exposed to the risk of white-collar crime industry fraud and/or theft. Shane has assisted various companies in South Africa and abroad with forensic auditing, investigations, prosecution and asset recovery. His experience extends across sectors such as mining, manufacturing, retail, financial services, construction, agriculture and forestry.

Shane’s specialities include:

  • Forensic Auditing:
    • An holistic approach to all aspects of suspected fraud or malpractice audits, investigations, insurance claims and cyber-crimes;
    • The provision of detailed evidence files for disciplinary hearings and ultimately criminal or civil prosecutions;
    • The formulation of insurance claims;
    • Provision of expert testimony and evidence in disciplinary proceedings, criminal and civil courts;
    • Asset recovery;
    • Provision of a proactive, comprehensive internal control report on weaknesses in financial, accounting and operational controls including bookkeeping, tax consulting and payroll;
    • Provision of fraud registers policies and procedures; and
    • Fraud prevention training.
  • Consulting:
    • Implementation of internal control procedures;
    • Implementation of fraud policies and procedures; and
    • Routine internal audits.

At Nortons Inc., we are able to offer clients an integrated, one stop forensic legal and audit service, which is a multi-disciplinary approach to forensic services. We believe that it is costly and inefficient to retain separate legal and auditing services in forensic investigations and are able to offer an in-house integrated offering.

In the event that you require forensic services, please contact Shane at or +27 11 666 7573 or Anthony at or +27 11 666 7561.