Matter between 12 Midrand residents and Eskom

10 May 2012|In Significant Matters

Nortons Inc. is currently representing 12 Midrand residents (the “Applicants”), on a pro bono basis, in opposing Eskom’s (South Africa’s state-owned electricity provider) proposed upgrade of certain electricity lines in the Midrand and Kyalami residential area in Gauteng. This has resulted in the carrying capacity growing from 88kV to 132kV and large pylons being built with power cables transversing residential properties. The pylons were originally ‘kyte mono poles’ (essentially a pole with approximately 3 power cables) that have now been replaced with large steel lattice structures carrying up to 12 lines. In some cases, the lines extend over residential properties, and large steel lattice structures have arisen where there were previously no pylons in the property owners’ gardens. The Applicants allege, inter alia, that Eskom has not received certain statutory approvals, such as environmental authorisation and municipal zoning. The Applicants also allege that Eskom has not sufficiently considered the possible health risks, including childhood leukemia, associated with living in close proximity to high-voltage power lines. The matter is set down for hearing in mid 2013.

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