Unilever / Alberto Culver

11 May 2012|In Significant Matters

Nortons Inc. represented Unilever plc (“Unilever”) in securing unconditional competition approval in respect of the South African phase of its acquisition of the Alberto Culver Company (“Alberto Culver”). The transaction entailed representing Unilever in acquiring sole control over Alberto Culver. Unilever manufactures fast moving consumer goods and has over 400 brands, spanning 14 categories of home, personal care and food products globally. Alberto Culver is a company based in the United States, which develops, manufactures and markets personal-care products. In South Africa, Alberto Culver markets certain hair-care products. 
 Following a series of queries, the Tribunal, in March 2011, unconditionally approved the South African phase of Unilever’s acquisition of Albert Culver.

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