Regulatory Advice

Regulatory Advice

Nortons Inc. provides advice to a broad range of clients regarding a variety of regulatory law matters and the efforts of the firm have been consistently recognised by a various international publications in this regard.

Consumer Protection 

Nortons Inc. service offering in relation to the Consumer Protection Act includes:

  • An audit of the terms and conditions in client-facing documents.
  • Compliance training to ensure that companies and their employess understand and comply with the Act.
  • Advice on marketing practices, including which practices to avoid.
  • Internal presentations to ensure that employees understand the Act and regulations, decisions by the National Consumer Commission, and the potential impact on their business activities.


Nortons Inc. advise on all aspects of the downstream diamond industry, in particular, in relation to the Diamonds Act, 1986, as amended by the Diamonds Amendment Act and the Diamond Second Amendment Act), the Diamond Export Levy Act, the Diamond Export Levy (Administration) Act and the regulations published in terms of the Diamonds Act. One of our directors, Paul Russell, represented De Beers during the Parliamentary Portfolio Committee hearings regarding the recent amendments to the Diamonds Act and also in relation to the Diamond Export Levy Act, and regularly engages with the Department of Mineral Regulation, National Treasury and the Diamond and Precious Metals Regulator.
More broadly, Nortons Inc. also advises on various regulatory issues affecting the mining industry, including advising numerous multi-national mining houses on recent and soon-to-be implemented infrastructure projects.

Energy & Natural Resources

Nortons Inc. continues to advise a number of clients, local and international, in the complex oil and gas industry regarding the Mineral and Petroleum Resources Development Act and related legislation, as well as advising on their obligations under environmental legislation, including the National  Environmental Management Act and various aspects of the legislation relating to the transportation liquid fuels.

Banking & Financial

Nortons Inc. provides a range of regulatory advice to clients in the dynamic banking and financial services sector, including advice regarding the implementation of the recently enacted Consumer Protection Act.

Finally the firm has advised clients on aspects of the countries banking payment system.

Pharmaceuticals and Healthcare

Nortons Inc has extensive expertise in assisting a variety of participants in the pharmaceutical sector in relation to the provision of advice relating to exemptions from the provisions of the Medicines and Related Substances Control Act (having obtained a exemption for Schedule 0 substances from the provisions of section 18A and 22G), as well as relating to the interpretation of the Act.

Nortons Inc has also assisted a number of clients in relation to the regulatory regime relating to hospitals, medical professionals (including anaesthetists, doctors, optometrists and dentists).

Finally, Nortons Inc. is intimately involved in advising on the South African government planned implementation of national health insurance.